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There are a number of terms, definitions and methods in this on- line cookbook that may need to be updated.  Many of the recipes have already been changed to reflect more current information.  If there is a term that you need, please send an email to info@soltys.com   We will respond to requests where the sender has identified themselves with a valid email address.  If you do not receive a response, your email may have looked like spam.  

  •  Most items that need to be melted in a saucepan can now be melted in microwaves.
  •  A tin is equal to 1 2/3 Cups
  •  A Hot oven is 400 degrees
  •  Baking soda does not always need to be dissolved.  Better storage today makes it far less lumpy.
  •  Most flour is now pre-sifted.  Sifting also used to remove impurities from poor storage.
  •  Margarine, butter, oleo and shortening are often used interchangeably.
  •  Lard, renderings and fryings usually refer to solid shortening.  Inmost cases products like Crisco can be used.  If you want to give a hint of the old time flavor, fry bacon, drain fat into a container and cool.  Add a bit to the shortening in the old time recipes to get the flavor. 
  •  Unless stated otherwise, oatmeal used is not instant or quick cooking.
  •  When a recipe simply calls for nuts, generally walnuts and pecans are preferred.
  •  Tbsp = Tablespoon
  •  Tsp = Teaspoon
  •   For a 12 x 18 pan - use 3 cake mixes and bake at 325 for 55 minutes.
  •   All temperatures are in Fahrenheit degrees

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