High School Sweethearts

Mark Soltys
Pat Goheen

Photos are graduation pictures
Mark - Marion, Mishawaka, IN  Class of 1972
Pat - Penn, Mishawaka, IN  Class of 1973

Mark and Pat met in one of the first co-ed Explorer posts in Northern Indiana.  They dated on and off through high school and college.  One night after the only real fight they have had, while talking and watching TV in Pat's dorm room at Ball State University, Mark proposed and Pat accepted.  That was April 30, 1974.

About one week later, Mark gave Pat an engagement ring behind the statue of "Old Bennie" on campus.  The rings were purchased from a nearby jeweler who advertised in the campus paper.  As they only had a college student budget a deal was struck which included an engagement ring and wedding rings for a grand cost of $175.00.  The rings were white gold with the engagement ring having a diamond with character.  It had a small flaw, too small for the eye to see, which was hidden under a prong of the setting.  Mark's ring was inscribed with "No Freedom at 21" as the date was set to be shortly after his 21st birthday. 

The secret of the engagement was kept from all but a few on campus.  When classes ended, we went home and asked all of the parents out for dinner at Bill Knapp's restaurant on US 31 under the pretense of celebrating Joe Soltys' birthday.  Pat's Dad complained greatly about having to get dressed up and go out for dinner with people he barely knew.  Pat's Mom told him that she suspected that this would be our engagement announcement.  Dad's statement according to her was "Pat wouldn't do that to me."  She was right as was revealed at the dinner when Pat slipped on the engagement ring for all to see.

The picture is of the rings as they are today.  The diamond had to be replaced after being lost while brushing Sassie, our old Alaskan Malamute.  The new diamond is larger than the original.


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