No wedding is perfect and ours certainly was not.  Some of the things that were not quite right that day are now humorous in retrospect.

  • The wedding napkins were printed with the wrong date - June 5, 1975 rather than July 5, 1975.  This one was not noticed until this web site was being created - over 27 years later.
  • Father Vichurus was not pleased that Mark was marrying a non-Catholic and substituted various names such as "What's Your Name" throughout rehearsal.  We were not sure that he would remember Pat's name for the ceremony.
  • Mark's shoes were a full size too small. 
  • Pat's dress was not actually finished at the time of the wedding and had a few safety pins holding things together much to her new Mother-in-law's dismay.  No one else knew or noticed and everything stayed together.
  • We did not know if we would be taking a honeymoon.  It was totally dependent on gifts and the fact that we would need to buy a car.
  • This was a shoestring budget wedding.  The only reason that there was a bar is that Pat's Dad pulled up in his van at the beginning of the reception with a load of liquors.
  • Pat was so busy making sure that everything else was correct prior to going down the aisle, she forgot her bouquet as can be seen in the picture at the right.  Joe Soltys, brought her the bouquet at the altar.


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